Our names are Sally, Alan and Charlotte and we live in a small village called Dolfor in the beautiful county of Powys, Mid Wales.

As well as the Deerhounds, we have three rescue Lurchers, Charlotte's Whippet, two Ponies, a small flock of Sheep and some Hens.

Our first Deerhound was bought in 2001 from the late Mr. J.L Jones.  This is Brackenford Dalesman at Claonaiglen and he was to become our stud dog, although at the time breeding Deerhounds was not on our agenda, Alan wanted a Deerhound
to work (coursing was legal at this time) and I wanted a Deerhound to show and Dalesman fulfilled both these roles.


It was at a show in 2002 that we were introduced to Nell MacBean (Killoeter Deerhounds). 
Nell was the owner of CH. Rosslyn Highlander, Dalesmans sire.  A few months later at another show, we expressed an interest in buying a bitch puppy from Nell, again just for working and showing and Nell agreed to us having a puppy from her.  In February 2003 we travelled to Cardross to collect our puppy, Killoeter Girzie.

Both dogs were shown, and it was at the Deerhound Club limited show, when both dogs were seen together, that a couple of breeders of long standing and experience suggested that we bred from Dalesman and Girzie.

Our first litter arrived in December 2004 and from this litter came CH. Claonaiglen Orrin, Res. Best in Show at the Deerhound club show 2007 and Claonaiglen Albyn at Cloweswood, Best of Breed at Crufts 2007 and Best in show at the Deerhound Club show 2007.

CH. Claonaiglen Orrin


In 2005 we added  Hydfron Amber (A daughter of Killoeter Esk) to our
kennel.  Amber was mated to Claonaiglen Orchy, a son of Dalesman, and from this February 07 litter we kept a daughter, Claonaiglen Mallie, who is showing a lot of promise in the show ring.

Hydfron Amber

Claonaiglen Orrin was mated to Nell Macbean's Fritzens Rannoch (a German import) in October 2007 and we have kept two puppies from this litter, a dog and a bitch, Claonaiglen Finnan and Claonaiglen Suileag.


How did we choose our affix? 

Alans childhood home


Claonaig is on the Kintyre Peninsula and it
is situated in Claonaig Glen so we dropped a G and ran the two words together.



Charlotte, Cara and Ellie, Claonaig bay, 2008


All of our puppies are named after Scottish Glens.


In 2007 we added a Whippet to our Deerhounds, or rather our daughter Charlotte did. 
Charlotte is not tall enough to handle such a large breed so she saved her money and bought Demerlay Elegante (better known as Ells Bells) which Charlotte is showing with some success.

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