Hi everyone, My name is Charlotte and I am 17 years old.

I live in sunny Wales with my Mom, Stepdad, 7 Deerhounds and 2 Lurchers.

When I decided that i wanted to take up showing with a dog of my own I saved up my money and bought a Whippet from Molly Head (Demerlay).
My Whippets name is Demerlay Elegante but is known to the other members of my family as 'Ells Bells' because when Ellie was a puppy she was quite mischievious and used to enjoy terrorising the Deerhounds by hanging off their beards and chewing her way out of her camper cage.

I really enjoy showing Ellie and we have done quite well.

I have my own affix (Clefairy), and Ellie is now registered as Demerlay Elegante to Clefairy. My affix has been framed and now has pride of place on the sitting room wall next to Ellie's 5 generation pedigree.

My latest exciting news is that I have bred my first litter of whippet puppies. Ellie is a great mom and I am very proud of her. I am going to keep a bitch puppy to show.

Have a look at our News Page for photographs of the new additions to our family.

Demerlay Elegante to Clefairy at Bournemouth Ch. show. 09 August 2009.

On the 19th of July at Evesham Open show I had the opportunity to handle one of Miss Celia Johnson's Borzoi's.
I was very pleased to be awarded RBOB. Thank you Celia for trusting me with your lovely hound. They're a bit more of a handful than a Whippet!

Ellie and I went to the Houndshow 2008 today (02/07/08) and we were 3rd in Junior Bitch and


Me and Ellie after our win in Post Graduate Bitch at the SWKA Ch. Show 2009. A big thank you to our judge Mrs Pauline Oliver.



  • 25/10/07 Midland Counties Ch. Show. 4th Minor Puppy Bitch. Mrs L. Jones
  • 18/11/07 Bolsover & District Open. 3rd Puppy. Mr R. McMaster (Wearvale)
  • 24/11/07 Sedgley & Gornal Open. 1st Puppy, BP & R.es.B.O.B. Mrs Cleaver (Pencleave)
  • 27/12/07 Stourbridge & District Open. 1st Puppy & BP. Miss L. Smeath (Willingwisp)
  • 01/01/08 Coventry Ladies K.S. Open. 1st Minor Puppy. Mr Ian Sexton (Retford)
  • 20/01/08 Manchester Ch. Show. V.H.C. YKC AV. Hound Stakes. Mrs P Hollings
  • 26/01/08 Lichfield C.S Open. Res. Puppy. Mrs Dawn Mason (Aphrael)
  • 23/02/08 Sutton Coldfield Open. 1st Puppy, BP & HPG2. Mrs Sue Reynolds (Wickwar)
  • .17/05/08 Redditch & District C.S Open. Res. Sp.Yearling. Mrs Paula Reynolds-Frost (Sinn)
  • 18/05/08 Coventry & District K.A. Open. 2nd Junior Mr Andrew Leonard (Witchstone)
  • 28/07/08 Houndshow 2008 Ch. Show. 3rd Junior Bitch. Miss Margaret Dixon.
  • 25/08/08 Leicester CS Open Show. 1st Junior. Mrs Sandy Platt (Charbonnel)
  • 31/01/09 Lichfield C.S Open. 2nd Post Graduate. Mr I.Sidgwick
  • 19/07/09 Evesham Open show. VHC Post Graduate
  • 21/08/09 Welsh KC Ch. Show. 4th Post Grad bitch. Ms A Defaye (Fedaye)
  • 09/10/09 SWKA Ch. Show. 1st Post Grad Bitch. Mrs Pauline Oliver

Introducing my new show Whippet and Ellie's Daughter

Clefairy Starlight Express (aka Seren).

Photo taken at Scottish Breeds 2008.

Mom thought this was a ball I'd bought for Ellie but it is in fact a Gobstopper and I've still got it. Mom says the name Gobstopper is a false claim and she is going to complain to Trading Standards. (What does she mean)?

The summit of High Street Fell.

First Ellie borrows my hat and then she takes my neck warmer!

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