Sadly we have lost two of our beautiful Lurchers.

Maya, our little Saluki X was put to sleep a little while ago. Maya had a suspected stomach tumour. Maya was one of our foster dogs from our days of fostering for a Worcestershire based Greyhound and Lurcher rescue. Maya was rescued from a life of living in a concrete coal bunker producing litter after litter of puppies. When she came to us she was a very timid girl but she soon settled in with the Deerhounds and our other two Lurchers from the same rescue. Maya came to us as a foster dog but we grew so attached to her we adopted her ourselves. We miss her very much.

And then there was Joe, our big handsome white dog. Joe was a stray picked up on the streets of Dublin and put in a pound. He was saved literally at the last minute. As he was being led down the corridor to the vets room to be PTS he was spotted by a lady who runs a Greyhound rescue in Dublin and who was at the pound to take out some Greyhounds. She took Joe as well. Joe was shipped to England with some other rescues to be re-homed by the Lurcher rescue. We wanted a big Lurcher who would be a running companion for, our then only Deerhound, Ruag. Thin and full of dying fleas, we took him home. Joe was so friendly and everybody who met him loved him. Joe sadly passed away in the early hours of 17th January 2013 from a suspected stroke.

Maya, a rescue Lurcher

Joe was rescued, on his last day, from a pound in Dublin.

Atiya (means Gift in Arabic) was picked up from the side of a road.  she weighed 12 kilo's



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