Claonaiglen Mallie


 A very big thank you to the judges Mr Chris Arthur and Mrs Bridget Robertson for making it such a special day for us and our beautiful girl.

Mallie sporting her sash and posing alongside her trophy for winning BIS at the Deerhound Club Limited show 2009.

1st Limit and RBOB. Evesham Open show.
Our thanks to our judge Mrs J Murray.


Bournemouth Champ show. 1st Post Grad bitch. Our thanks to Ms Joan Wragg (Neroche).

2nd Post Grad Bitch. Hound Association Open. Handled by Charlotte Parsons


1st Special yearling Bitch. Deerhound Club Limited Show 2008.

Mallie (R) with her friend Fern at Buttermere in the Lake District.

Mallie doing a bit of Whippet coursing.

Mallie on the beach at St. Bees Bay.

  • 17/08/07 Welsh K.C. Ch. Show. 1st Minor Puppy Bitch. Mr Jeff Horswell
  • 14/09/07 Darlington Ch. Show. 1st Minor Puppy Bitch. Mrs Marianne R Nixon
  • 29/09/07 Deerhound Club Limited Show. 2nd Puppy Bitch. Mrs A. Taylor (Lyart)
  • 25/10/07 Midland Counties Ch. Show. V.H.C. Puppy Bitch. Mrs B. Jarrett (Torffric)
  • 24/11/07 Sedgeley & Gornall Open. 2nd Junior, BP & HPG1. Mrs Pamela Bunce (Pantawick)
  • 02/12/07 Chesterfield C.S. Open. 2nd Junior, BP & HPG1. Mrs Jenny Grimshaw (Jamalison)
  • 07/12/07 L.K.A. Ch. Show. V.H.C. Puppy Bitch. Mr Reg Bolton (Allenbank)
  • 26/01/08 Lichfield C.S. Open. 1st Puppy & BP Miss D. Blatchford (Peopleton)
  • 23/02/08 Sutton Coldfield Open. 1st Junior. Mr Mark Cannon (Abayomi)
  • 09/03/08 Crufts. 1st Sp. Puppy Bitch. Mrs D.A. Kenis-Pordham
  • 29/03/08 Scottish Breeds Ch. Show. 3rd Junior Bitch. Mrs Sue Reynolds (Wickwar)
  • 19/04/08 Deerhound Club Open. 2nd Junior Bitch. Mrs Glenis Peach (Kilbourne)
  • 25/04/08 W.E.L.K's Ch. Show. 3nd Junior Bitch. Mr K. Pursglove (Roguesmoor)
  • 11/05/08 B'Ham National Ch. Show. 3rd Junior Bitch. Mr R.A.W Searle
  • 17/05/08 Redditch & District C.S Open. 3rd Post Graduate. Vanessa Lucas (Packway)
  • 18/05/08 Coventry & District K.A Open. 3rd Yearling. Kim Owen (Wolfscastle)
  • 31/05/08 Southern Counties Ch.Show. 1st Junior Bitch. Dr M.G.M. McKinnon (Fingon)
  • 15/06/08 Border Union Ch. Show. VHC Junior Bitch. Mr Bill Hamilton
  • 13/7/08 Evesham & District CS. 1st Junior & RBOB. Mr Ian Kirsopp (Mistlemoor)
  • 15/07/08 East of England Ch. Show. 3rd Junior Bitch. Mr Roly Cross
  • 09/08/08 Bournemouth Ch. Show. 1st Junior Bitch. Mrs Gill Smith (Nimloth)
  • 27/09/08 Deerhound Club Limited Show. 1st Sp. Yearling Bitch. Elaine Medlicott (Pharcourse)
  • 31/01/09 Lichfield C.S Open. 3rd Post Graduate. Mrs J Grimshaw (Jamalison)
  • 05/03/09 CRUFTS. Reserve Post Graduate Bitch. Miss K Barret (Stranwith)
  • 29/03/09 Hound Association Open. 2nd Post Grad Bitch. Mrs Chris Wilson (Hamiltonhill)
  • 09/08/09 Bournemouth Ch. show. 1st Post Grad bitch. Ms Joan Wragg (Neroche)
  • 21/08/09 Welsh KC Ch. show. Res. Post Grad Bitch. Ms C. Codd (Gazeawhile).
  • 09/10/09 SWKA Ch. Show. 3rd Post Grad Bitch. Miss Bettina Adams (Ardneish)
  • 26/09/09 Deerhound Club Limited show. 1st Post Graduate Bitch, Best Bitch & BIS. Mr Chris Arthur (Bitches & BIS) & Mrs Bridget Robertson (BIS).
  • 12/12/09 L.K.A Ch. Show. 1st Post Grad Bitch. Mrs Angela Randall (Hammonds)
  • 12/03/10 Crufts. 3rd Post Graduate Bitch. Mr D Murray (Moireach)